Your Walk Through Check List

  • Check operation of the heating system. Ensure heat from all discharge points.
  • Check operation of A/C system. Systems should not be activated when the outside air temperature is below 65 F. Forced operation can cause compressor damage.
  • Check operation of all included appliances. All appliances should be run through full cycles to ensure proper working order.
  • Visual inspection of all windows and doors are operating properly.
  • Visual & operational inspection of the hot water tank to ensure against leakage.
  • Visual inspection of all walls, floors, ceilings and basement areas to determine the presence of any damage and/or water leakage/penetration. (Check All Closets)
  • Kitchen, bathroom and exterior plumbing fixtures should be functionally tested and inspected for leakage to ensure proper operation prior to closing.
  • As applicable, operational check of electronic garage door openers and all safety features.
  • All deficiencies should be brought to the attention of your attorney prior to closing.