Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Buying a home is a major investment and can be very stressful. My inspection and report will give you that piece of mind and help reduce that stress. Reports are systems in the home with an easy to read to accompany me during the inspection understand terms and point out any areas of concern and how to correct them. systems, how to properly operate and maintain them.

Pre Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a scaled down visual inspection that can save you, the seller, money and valuable time during the negotiation and closing process. We homeowners sometimes do not see the least be aware of any problems before you hear it from the buyer’s attorney which at that time the repairs will almost certainly be more costly due to the time restraints.

Radon Inspection

A single term test of 2 – 7 days can be used to determine the radon level in your home. Usually done at the time of the home inspection and should be carried out by a licensed technician. The licensed technician will install the test canister and pick it up.

Included in Home Inspection

Siding, Windows, Doors
what type of material (wood, vinyl, aluminum) are they operating and locking, what s the condition (satisfactory, marginal in need of repair)

Decks & Patios
decking & rail material,  condition, are rails installed correctly,  check under deck when accessible, are proper joist hangers installed.

Drainage & Water Seepage
check site grading is pitched away from home,  downspouts are  terminating far enough away from foundation to avoid seepage

Roofing & Attic
roof design, coverage material, approximate age,  gutters & downspouts, type of attic ventilation, vent risers & attic insulation

Fireplace & Chimney
Fireplace type, safety screen & doors installed, Chimney material,
Is there a cap installed.

Plumbing System
Public or private service, supply pipe material, location of main shut off, sewer system & waste pipe material, location of fuel shut off.

Electrical System
Type of service, amperage, main disconnect location, panel manufacturer, branch circuit wiring, breakers or fuses, are there GFCI/AFCI breakers installed.

Heating/Cooling System
Location, type & size of equipment, fuel, manufacturer, filter type, approximate age,  and condition.

Foundation & Structure
Foundation type, material, and condition.

Kitchen & Living Areas
Cabinets, countertops, sink, what type of material,  are there GFCI  outlets in kitchen & baths?  Flooring type and condition.

Garage, Basement & Crawlspace
Garage type, auto door opener installed with safety features,  signs of water penetration, prior water  proofing & condition.
Crawl space insulated, moisture condition, vapor barrier installed.