About Us

The power of choosing the right inspector

I have always been the person called whenever family or friends were in the process of purchasing a home, Anthony can you stop by this house we like , Uncle Anthony can you take a look at this house. I enjoy teaching people how to use their homes. I try to explain that when you purchase a home you are actually purchasing a used home and not all are perfect. Everything thing is fixable.

My inspections take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the home, and the report usually take just as long. I encourage all my clients to stay with me during the inspection and ask as many questions as possible. I may not be able to answer at that moment as sometimes the question may pertain to something that I will be covering in another area. My answer is much easier to understand while you are actually looking at the item in question.
Your home is probably the largest & most stressful purchase you will ever make, my inspection and report will help ease the stress by giving you that piece of mind in making an informed & objective decision.

Once I send you my report I am always available to answer any questions you have, I will spend as much time as needed for you to really get a good understanding of the situation.

I have had clients call months after they closed to ask questions and spent as much time as they needed. I am always available no matter how long ago I did your inspection, once my client always my client .